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【九吉公老紅糖的好处 The benefits of JIU JI GONG Ancient Brown Sugar】


1. 女人 Woman:

经痛 Dysmenorrhea

月经不调 Irregular menstrual cycle

助孕 Increase pregnant chances

贫血 Anemia 

改善皮肤 Improve skin tone

补血补气 Enrich the blood and Qi 

手脚冰冷 Cold hands & feet 

排毒及改善便秘 Detox & reduce constipation

产后子宫的收缩 Restoring expanded uterus for postpartum

产后恢复 Recovery after gave birth 

产后补充能量 Restoring energy for postpartum 

促进母乳的生成 Improve breast milk production 

帮助排出恶露 Enhance lochia discharge

缓慢更年期 Slow down menopause


备注 Reminder:



Pregnant woman is not encourage to consume.

Natural labor mother should start consume Jiu Ji Gong ancient brown sugar at least 2 days after deliver baby meanwhile caesarean labor mother should start consume after break wind.


2. 男人 Man: 

解酒毒 Alleviate hangover

缓解疲劳 Reduce tiredness 

恢复体力 Restoring energy

养肝护脾 Liver & spleen protection

助勃起 Enhance erection

帮助睡眠 Enhance sleeping quality


3. 老人:

补充维生素矿物质 Supplement of vitamins & minerals

疲泛无力 Alleviate fatigue and weakness

增加体质 Increase physical fitness 

延缓衰老 Anti-aging


备注 Reminder:

糖尿病患者不建议饮用 Diabetes is not allow to consume.


4. 小孩: 

增强记忆力 Enhance memory 

增加骨骼钙质 Increase bone calcium 

提高免疫力 Improve immunity


备注 Reminder: 

一岁以下的孩童不适宜饮用 Child below 1 years old is not allowed to consume